Irrintzi is a “pintxo tavern”. Let us explain you what this means:

The pintxo concept

A pintxo is the name of certain snacks typically eaten in bars, traditional in northern Spain and especially popular in the Basque Country. They are usually eaten in bars or taverns as a small snack while hanging out with friends or relatives; thus, they have a strong socializing component, and they are usually regarded as a cornerstone of Basque culture and society. They are not tapas, the main difference being that pintxos are usually 'spiked' with a skewer or toothpick ( the toothpick is used to keep ingredients from falling off) often to a piece of bread. Nowadays they have become so important that take the best of the Basque cook but in very small pieces. They are served in individual portions. They are usually eaten as an appetizer accompanied by a small glass of wine (called txikito) or beer, a quarter of a pint)

It is quite usual to find pubs that offer these specialties all around the Basque Country, but they normally are just “pintxo bars”, nothing to see with a restaurant where you can book a table, sit down and wait to be served. Our concept is just : “help yourself and do not go without saying how many delicious pintxos you have eaten for us to charge you before you leave our pub. We trust you”. It is part of our culture, we have always trusted each other.